SKMicrosource is a unique sulfur source mixed with humates and Rare Mineral Assemblage. SKM contains 3 forms of sulfur, including elemental S and gypsum, plus numerous micronutrients. It is highly reactive in soil for fast response with availability as a liquid formulation pending.
Hydromax ProBlend™
Hydromax ProBlend is a non-phytotoxic, liquid micronutrient supplement for foliar and soil application to improve fertilization practices. Highly available micronutrients are absorbed through leaves and root systems. Hydromax ProBlend is backed by research and statistics that prove its efficacy for boosting yield.
Phoenix is a proprietary source of Calcium Carbonate, specially formulated to provide superior performance in the soil. Designed for ease of use and increased uptake, Phoenix can be applied to increase calcium levels in all soils and may improve soil pH in acidic soil conditions.
ATLANTIS is a proprietary soil surfactant formulation that reduces the surface tension of water to allow increased infiltration and penetration into mineral soils and soilless plant growth media. ATLANTIS optimizes irrigation efficiency and improves delivery of water to the root zone, resulting in optimized growing conditions.