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AgroDyne’ renowned research and development department serves as a major foundation to everything we devise, develop and do. Our insight merges with an additional layer of trust.

Our Standards

Research Ensures Results.

Research Ensures Results.AgroDyne is founded on the premise that thorough research ensures effective results that are both cost-effective and sustainable.

By drawing from the holistic principles of agronomy, plant pathology and biotechnology, we then test every hypothesis, recommendation, soil sample and/or product claim for detailed results that are then verified by replications.

Replicated Trial Testing.

Replicated Trial Testing.Innovation, improvement and irrevocability concerning agricultural methods and products all need one thing in common to prove results: replicated trial testing.

Our R&D department replicates trial testing to stand behind claims of efficacy, application, methodology and/or advancements. Put simply, the process or product has to work many times over before we will endorse it.

Accurate, Neutral Data.

Accurate, Neutral Data.AgroDyne embraces cutting-edge science, progressive agronomy and advanced biotechnology.

While we actively employ our “Intuition Meets Innovation” methodology, our R&D department knows that hard science is required to achieve accurate data. We neutrally advise our customers, partners and distributors for solutions that drive high performance environments and organizations.

Our Specialties

AgroDyne excels in the meta-analysis of complex and persistent issues in the agricultural industry. Our services focus on a collaborative approach that culminates to lasting solutions and innovative products. Supporting our customers, partners and distributors defines our capabilities as a trusted expert with a worldwide renowned reputation since in 2006.


Our progressive, intuitive and methodical approach to the agricultural industry across the spectrum gives us the innate ability to solve persistent problems with customized results and validated components. AgroDyne’ elite team of consulting experts, plant pathologists and research-driven scientists offer agricultural point solutions all the way to overall management systems.

Soil Testing

We know that soil analysis is necessary to determine what specific nutrients and protection factors soil needs to be the most productive and thrive. Without a thorough analysis, it’s difficult to select products and determine application schedules. Let AgroDynevalidate and fine-tune your overall management practices with our results that will shape making better decisions.

Fertilizer Application

Our decades of experience coupled with cutting-edge scientific research helps us better understand the dynamics of fertilizer application. We can assist you with advice on optimum application timing and rates, product selections based on materials and minimizing environmental impact and other damage. Our recommendations are backed by our knowledge and research findings.

Forage Analysis

We know that not all forage crops are created equal, which is exactly why we encourage and believe in forage analysis. Testing the nutrient content of your crop that will eventually be used for feed can make the difference between success and lack of nutritional needs met. AgroDyne has mastered the learning curve of what works for better forages and better performances.

Plant Tissue Analytics

Our team understands the natural dynamics that affect growth rates and stress resistance. While we strive for organic and sustainable practices, advancements in science also dictate the importance of agriculture-related functional genomics and transgenic applications. Our research and development department continually analyzes prospects for potentially valuable agronomic traits.

Have An Issue with Your Crop?

We use our instincts, intuition, experience and research to deliver the most beneficial solutions during collaborations, consultations and product development. We use our instincts, intuition, experience and research to deliver the most beneficial solutions during collaborations, consultations and product development.

Our Expertise

AgroDyne consists of a highly specialized team of agricultural consulting experts and renowned plant pathologists with an in-house research and development department. We offer the widest range of progressive products and services available above and beyond our competitors.

Our Philosophy

AgroDyne is driven to produce forward-thinking technologies, increase efficacy across the board and continuously improve our research methods. Our deep insights with data-driven results and expert source authority make us a trusted leader with our customers, partners and distributors.

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