Where Intuition Meets innovation.

AgroDyne is committed to fulfilling your agricultural needs with personalized service and innovative products. Our in-house research and development department vets all data.

Where Intuition Meets innovation.

AgroDyne is committed to fulfilling your agricultural needs with personalized service and innovative products. Our in-house research and development department vets all data.
What We Do.

What We Do.AgroDyne helps farmers and distributors make better decisions when selecting and using products.

Our “Intuition Meets Innovation” methodology, product development and thorough research ensure effective results that are both cost-effective and sustainable. We connect people, products and services to secure the best outcomes, improve yields and outperform competitors.

Our Mission.

Our Mission.AgroDyne strives to provide solutions and proprietary products by combining our specialized skills, divergent thinking and seasoned know-how.

We utilize the holistic principles of agronomy, plant pathology and biotechnology to innovate and improve products. Our goal is to architect progressive methods and techniques that effectively perform seamlessly while remaining affordable.

Why Choose Us.

Why Choose Us.AgroDyne conceptualizes and delivers agricultural solutions that improve efficacy, enhance productivity and increase return on investment (ROI).

Our proprietary products are based on cutting-edge science, advancements in biotechnology and improved agronomy practices. We lead by example in the industry with an in-house research and development department of renowned experts.

Board of Directors

Our esteemed board of directors boasts decades of combined experience with diverse specialties. They oversee operations built on a foundation of excellence and integrity.

Tyler Swedberg

Tyler Swedberg, president and owner of AgroDyne, holds dual Bachelor of Science degrees in Agronomy/Horticulture and Business from Kansas State University. Mr. Swedberg leads AgroDyne’ elite team of agricultural experts, plant pathologists and research-driven scientists with the company’s motto of “Crop Protection is a Team Sport.”

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Dave Squires

Vice President & Partner
Dave Squires, vice president and chief operating officer of AgroDyne, holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Kansas State University. He played for the Wildcats football program and was selected as a player representative with NCAA officials. Mr. Squires incorporates his experience in athletics, leadership and negotiation into his current career

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Mike Charles

Chief Operating Officer
Michael (Mike) Charles has a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Business and Economics from New Mexico State University. Over the past 20 years Mike’s predominant role has been field agronomy working directly with growers to facilitate best management practices as it pertains to crop health and nutrition.

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Chad Hatch

Board Member
Chad Hatch, board member of AgroDyne, is a graduate of the University of South Dakota (USD) and native of Bridgewater, South Dakota. Mr. Hatch has never forgotten his Midwestern roots — even as his early career took him far from home — and embraces these character-shaping dynamics that led to a diverse experiences focused on perseverance and tenacity.

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Paul Schock

Board Member
Paul Schock, board member of AgroDyne, is a graduate of Stanford University and Augustana University. In addition to his role at AgroDyne, he co-founded Bird Dog Equity Partners (previously Nordic Venture Partners) with Chad Hatch. Mr. Schock has sought to embody the Bird Dog Equity Partners philosophy of putting people first throughout his entire career.

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Research and Development

Dr. Jeanea Lambeth

Senior Research Associate
Dr. Lambeth earned a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Sciences and Master of Agricultural Education from The University of Arizona. She has also earned a Doctorate in Agricultural Education with an emphasis in research methods and capacity building from Texas A & M University and Texas Tech University.

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Our Services

AgroDyne excels in the meta-analysis of complex and persistent issues in the agricultural industry. Our services focus on a collaborative approach that culminates to lasting solutions and innovative products. Supporting our customers, partners and distributors defines our capabilities as a trusted expert with a worldwide renowned reputation since in 2006.


We solve complex issues with
customized results.

Soil Testing

Soil analysis verifies nutrients
and protection factors.

Fertilizer Application

Get insight for application timing,
rates and more.

Forage Analysis

We understand the learning curve
for better forages.

Plant Tissue Analytics

Get data on potentially valuable
agronomic traits.

Our Methodology

AgroDyne has our finger on the pulse of agricultural trends, industry happenings and biotechnology advancements. We use our instincts, intuition, experience and research to deliver the most beneficial solutions during collaborations, consultations and product development.

Our Expertise

AgroDyne consists of a highly specialized team of agricultural consulting experts and renowned plant pathologists with an in-house research and development department. We offer the widest range of progressive products and services available above and beyond our competitors.

Our Philosophy

AgroDyne is driven to produce forward-thinking technologies, increase efficacy across the board and continuously improve our research methods. Our deep insights with data-driven results and expert source authority make us a trusted leader with our customers, partners and distributors.

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